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Reminders for 2023 HKDSE Exam Results Release


Important Reminders Relevant Information
HKDSE Exam TimetableClick Here
Graphic Exam dates:
  • Practical exams (PE and Music) Mid-Feb – Mid-Apr
  • Speaking exams (Eng Lang) 21 - 30 Mar (Tentative)
  • Speaking exams (Eng Lang) (SEN sessions) 3 - 4 Apr (Tentative)
  • Written exams (Cat. A subjects) 21 Apr – 18 May
HKDSE Exam Timetable:
JUPAS Updated NewsClick Here
Graphic JUPAS Updated News
  • 28 Jun, Check allocated time-slots for modifications of programme choices
  • 19 – 22 Jul, No contact with the 9 JUPAS participating-institutions and the SSSDP institutions
  • 9 Aug, Announcement of Main Round offer results
Item Checklist for HKDSE ExamClick Here
Graphic Item Checklist for HKDSE Exam.
  • Admission Form, Identity Card(original copy).
  • Stationeries, e.g. blue or black ball pens, HB pencils. *Do not use word-hidden pens.
  • Permitted Calculators, (pad-printed with the ‘H.K.E.A.A. Approved’ or ‘H.K.E.A Approved’ label).
Listening Components of Language Subjects.
The broadcast ways adopted by exam centres will be indicated on the Admission Form.
Broadcast WaysEquipment
Radio Broadcast(Without a symbol on the Admission Form)needs Radio Set(Better reception for non-stereo mode), needs Earphones.
Infra-red Transmission System(Indicated with "#" on the Admission Form)doesn't need Radio Set, needs earphones.
Public Address System(Indicated with “&” on the Admission Form)doesn't need Radio Set, doesn't need earphones.
Tips on Using e-NavigatorClick Here
Graphic Tips on Using e-Navigator.
Scan the QR Code to Download "e-Navigator" APP.
  • Step 01, Click "Search Programme" button. 
  • Step 02, Select “Area of Study” and / or “Institution”. 
  • Step 03, Select the preferred category of programmes. 
  • Step 04, Obtain the programme information successfully.
Multiple Pathways for Your ChoicesClick Here

Multiple Pathways for Your Choices

Local studies, Further studies in mainland China, Further studies abroad, Employment. Repeating Secondary 6, Sub-degree programmes, Bachelor’s degree programmes, VPET.

How can we plan our pathways after the HKDSE Exam results release? Let us browse these two EDB wepages for more useful information.

Checklist for HKDSE Exam Results ReleaseClick Here
Graphic Checklist for HKDSE Exam Results Release
What should we prepare for the HKDSE Exam Result release? You may refer to my preparation checklist.
Positive thinking.
  • Personal particulars (e.g. HKID card, photo)
  • Also the original and copies of the following
    • HKDSE Exam results notice, school report, 
    • student learning profile, 
    • certificates for non-school competitions or extra-curricular activities, 
    • reference letters, 
    • confirmation from institutions on conditional offers, 
    • JUPAS programme choices, 
    • updated “e-Navigator” mobile app, 
    • mobile phone and charger.
2023/24 Diploma of Applied Education ProgrammeClick Here
Graphic 2023/24 Diploma of Applied Education Programme (
  • Target students, secondary 6 school leavers or Hong Kong residents aged 21 or above.
  • Course Structure, 3 core courses (chinese languages, English language and Mathematics) plus 10-hour life-wide learning activities plus option 1: 2 complementary courses, 1 elective cluster, or option 2, 5 complementary courses.
  • Contact hours, 600 hours in total.
  • Year of study, full-time mode 1 year, part-time mode normally within 2 years.
  • Level of graduation, completion of programme: comparable to the attainment of level 2 standard in 5 subjects including Chinese languages and English languages in the HKDSE Exam, or completion of maths plus complementary course: comparable to the attainment of level 2 standard in 5 subjects including Chinese languages , English languages and mathematics in the HKDSE Exam.
  • Admission application, first phase of admission, 5 December 2022 to 17 July 2023, (application)
FAQs on HKDSE Exam Results ReleaseClick Here
Graphic FAQs HKDSE Exam Results Release
HKDSE Exam Group
  • Let me check if you know the information about HKDSE Exam Results Release well!
  • Where can students obtain the information for locally-accredited self-financing post-secondary programmes?
  • Information Portal for accredited post-secondary programmes (i pass)
  • When can students apply for "Study Subsidy Scheme for Designated Professions/ Sectors (SSSDP)"?
  • At the time of submission of JUPAS Application.
  • How can parents help their children when the HKDSE results are out of the expectation?
  • Parents can find out different kinds of information about further studies, be calm and objective, be aware of the emotional needs of children, respect children’s decision.
Information on Further Studies of S6 GraduatesClick Here
Graphic Information on Further Studies of S6 Graduates
  • Attainment of "22222" in HKDSE Exam as Minimum Admission Requirements
    • Subsidised Sub-degree Programmes,
    • SSSDP Sub-degree Programmes,
    • Locally-accredited Self-financing Sub-degree Programmes
  • Attainment of "33222" in HKDSE Exam as Minimum Admission Requirements
    • Subsidised Bachelor's Degree Programmes (8 UGC-funded universities & APA),
    • SSDP Undergraduate Programmes,
    • Self-financing Undergraduate Programmes (HKMU),
    • Locally-accredited Self-financing Bachelor's Degree Programmes
  • Further studies in the mainland
    • scheme for admission of Hong Kong students to mainland higher education institutions,
    • 中華人民共和國普通高等學校聯合招生考試 [Chinese only], 
    • direct admission by institutions
  • Not attaining “22222” in HKDSE exam
    • diploma of applied education programme,
    • diploma of foundation studies / diploma of vocational education,
    • vocational training programmes
  • Further studies abroad
    • direct application to the institutions,
    • application through education agency / consultant,
    • application to the institutions in education exhibitions
  • Repeating secondary 6
    • Read the “List of schools admitting HKDSE S6 repeaters from other schools” and contact the schools directly,
    • read information of approved course providers from “Financial assistance scheme for designated evening adult education courses”

Articulation Pathways, Employment, I can study further whenever I want. Lifelong learning is the key to progression!

Counselling and Support ServicesClick Here
Graphic Counselling and Support Services, provided by non-governmental organisations
  • Further Studies/ Career Information
  • Face-to-face Counselling Service
  • Counselling and Emotion Support Service
Useful information from EDB, HKEAA and JUPAS OfficeClick Here
Graphic Useful Information from EDB, HKEAA and JUPAS Office
  • Jupas office: counter services (Appointments via telephone), 24-hour interactive voice response system
  • EDB: designated webpage for secondary 6 students, e-navigator, parents’ seminar on ‘Get prepared for the release of HKDSE Examination results - the latest information on multiple pathways’
  • HKEAA: Hotline service of public examinations information centre, general enquiries at reception counter

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